The Organ Care System™

What Makes the Organ Care System™ (OCS) Different?

The Organ Care System™ (OCS) operates by delivering warm, oxygenated, nutrient-enriched blood to the donor heart and keeps it in a living state until the organ is ready to be transplanted. The technology could potentially allow physicians to:

  • Preserve more life-saving hearts for patients who need them
  • Go greater distances to obtain donor hearts
  • Monitor the status of donor hearts and assess their suitability for transplant

The OCS™ has been successfully used in many geographies in all modes of transport: vehicle, plane and helicopter.

How the Organ Care System™ Works

The OCS ™ is fully contained in a portable console. Everything needed to keep the heart warm and beating is kept on board, including a supply of oxygen.

Real-Time Assessment

The Wireless Monitor provides important information to the physician to allow assessment of the heart

Protective Heart Chamber

The chamber houses the heart in a warm, humid environment

Blood circulates through the heart, delivering oxygen and substrates

On Board Supplies

The OCS™ has everything it needs on board to maintain a beating heart during transport, including a supply of oxygen

The Future of Organ Transplantion

By keeping the donor heart warm and functioning, the OCS™ is designed to enable your doctor to continuously monitor the hearts’ function during transport and ensure its suitability for transplantation. The technology is designed to allow surgeons to preserve more hearts and transport them from a greater distance.

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