The Beating Heart Transplant

What You Should Know

Since the advent of transplantation, cold storage has been the cornerstone of organ preservation: Donor hearts destined for transplant are stored on ice and transported in a cooler. Although this method was intended to help reduce the extent of organ damage during transport, significant damage can still occur, limiting the number of hearts available for transplantation.

Today, another heart preservation method with the potential to overcome these challenges is available. This new method, known as a Beating Heart Transplant, is made possible by a technology called the Organ Care System™ (OCS) Heart. Instead of being put on ice, the donor heart is placed in a machine that monitors the heart and keeps it warm and supplied with oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood, while it continues to beat. Hearts preserved in this manner can be kept outside the body without the impact to their function associated with cold storage. Additionally, because the heart is beating, a doctor can assess its function to confirm that it is viable for transplant into the recipient.

The Old WAy

Cold storage method

The New Way

Beating Heart Transplant

Cold Storage Method

Preserves the heart during transport, but significant deterioration of the heart’s quality and function can still occur

Beating Heart Method

Designed to keep the heart warm and functioning outside the body without the potential negative effects of cold storage

Cold Storage Method

The heart should be kept on ice less than 4 hours, limiting how far it can be transported

Beating Heart Method

Donor hearts may potentially be able to be kept on the system greater than 4 hours, which could allow them to travel greater distances

Cold Storage Method

Your doctor cannot evaluate the heart to determine its’ suitability for transplantation, significantly limiting the utilization of donor hearts

Beating Heart Method

Your doctor can monitor and assess the suitability of the donor heart for transplantation

To date, more than 250 human hearts worldwide have received a beating heart transplant using the OCS™ platform

The Future of Organ Transplantion

By keeping the donor heart warm and functioning, the OCS™ is designed to enable your doctor to continuously monitor the hearts’ function during transport and ensure its suitability for transplantation. The technology is designed to allow surgeons to preserve more hearts and transport them from a greater distance.

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