EXPAND Trial Information

The EXPAND Heart Pivotal Trial will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Organ Care System™ (OCS) Heart for donor hearts that today may not be transplanted due to the limitations of the current cold storage technique.

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Who Can Participate?

To learn more about who can participate and whether you could qualify, please consult with your physician.

Participating in the EXPAND Heart study will not affect your place on the waiting list, but your time on the list may be reduced.

Before, During and After Your Transplant

Before the procedure: As a recipient of a Beating Heart Transplant, you do not have to do anything differently than if you were receiving a heart preserved using cold storage techniques.

During the procedure: The procedure for a Beating Heart Transplant is the same as one where the donor heart is preserved using cold storage.

After the procedure: Your care after surgery is exactly the same for a Beating Heart Transplant as it would be if you had received a heart using cold storage preservation.

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