A breakthrough in the method for donor heart preservation

The Organ Care System™ (OCS) operates by delivering warm, oxygenated, nutrient-enriched blood to the donor heart and keeps it in a beating state from the time of removal until it is implanted, reducing the risk of damage associated with cold storage preservation.

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The Old Method vs. The Beating Heart Transplant

Traditionally, donor hearts destined for transplant are stored on ice and transported in a cooler. Although this method is intended to reduce the extent of organ damage during transport, significant deterioration of the donated organ can still occur due to lack of blood flow. A new method, called a Beating Heart Transplant, has the potential to overcome this challenge.

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The Future of Organ Transplantion

By keeping the donor heart warm and functioning, the OCS™ is designed to enable your doctor to continuously monitor the hearts’ function during transport and ensure its suitability for transplantation. The technology is designed to allow surgeons to preserve more hearts and transport them from a greater distance.

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